Button Tree Ornaments

How to Make Button Tree Ornaments
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Assorted buttons
Pipe cleaners

1. Sort buttons by color. Select a series of about 10 to 12 buttons of descending size, all in the same color palette. It’s helpful to organize the sizes by laying them out in a row. These buttons will create the triangular evergreen tree shape.

2. Then select three to four small brown button, all approximately the same size. These button will form the tree trunk.

3. Take a standard pipe cleaner and fold it in half. At the fold, twist it once to create your hanging loop.

4. Then begin to thread the buttons onto the pipe cleaner, starting with the smallest buttons for the top of the tree and working your way down to the widest. For two hole buttons, one end of the pipe cleaner is fed through each hole. For four hole buttons, thread the pipe cleaner end through two hole diagonal from one another.

5. Finally thread all of the small brown buttons to create the tree trunk.

6. Twist the pipe cleaner together to prevent the buttons from slipping off and then trim.