Candy Pencil Treats

How to Make Candy Pencil Treats
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Orange paper
Pink paper
Aluminum foil
Hershey’s Kisses
Glue dots*

*Online source for glue dots here:

1. Cut a piece of orange paper measuring 3.5″ x 4″. Cut a piece of pink paper measuring 3.5″” x 1″.

2. Wrap the pink band of paper around a roll of Rolo candy, flush with one end. Secure with a glue dot. This becomes the pencil eraser.

3. Using a glue dot, adhere a Hershey’s Kiss candy to the opposite end of the candy roll. This becomes the writing point of the pencil.

4. Cut along one short edge of the orange paper with pinking shears.

5. Score vertical line in the orange paper every ½”, parallel with the long edge of the paper.

6. Wrap the orange paper around the candy roll. Position so that the short side cut with pinking shears overlaps the seam between the candy drop and the candy roll. Secure with glue dots. This becomes the barrel or body of the pencil.

7. Cut a piece of aluminum foil measuring 3.5″ x ½”. Wrap this around the candy roll, overlapping the seam between the pink and orange papers. This becomes the pencil’s fescule.

8. Create a tag with a message to the recipient and tie it around the pencil with baker’s twine.