Cookie Cutter Bakes

How to Make Cookie Cutter Bakes
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Batch of cookie dough, uncooked
Seasonal cookie cutters
Colorful chocolate candies (optional)
Clear food-safe bags*
Evergreen tree clippings (optional)
Hang tags***

Baking sheet and parchment paper
Pruning shears (optional)

*Source for clear food-safe bags:…
**Source for ribbon:…
***Source for hang tags:…

1. Line your baking sheet with parchment paper and arrange your cookie cutters on top.

2. Spoon cookie dough into cutters and press down with clean fingers. Fill each cookie cutter approximately a quarter to a third full. Decorate with chocolate candies.

3. Bake according to your chosen cookie recipe. When finished remove from oven and allow to cool completely.

4. Package individually in clear food-safe bags. Tie the opening closed, creating a knot with festive ribbon, trim a sprig of evergreen with pruning sheers and tuck into the ribbon knot and then complete by tying a bow. Trim ends of ribbon.

5. Write out the recipe for your chosen cookies on a hang tag and tie it to the bow on your cookie packaging.

Helpful tips:
• Don’t worry about getting the dough pressed into every tiny corner of your cookie cutter — as the cookie bakes, the dough will expand and fill in all of those spaces.
• If you’d rather not hand-write each recipe tag, simply type and print out on nice copy paper!
• If you do use hang tags from the office supply store on which to write your recipe, consider swapping out the attached string for colorful baker’s twine! Source for baker’s twine:…

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