Linen Leaves Wreath

How to Make a Linen Leaves Wreath
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Selection of linen fabric (approximately ½ yard total)
12″ Wreath form (straw, vine or Styrofoam)
White glue
28 gauge wire
Hanging ribbon
Fabric scissors
Wire cutters
Actual leaves or images of leaves for templates
Disappearing ink fabric marker* or pencil
*Source for disappearing ink fabric marker:…

1. Select fabric to wrap wreath form and cut into 3″ wide strips. Securely pin one end to back of wreath and then snugly wrap, completely covering the form. Depending on their length you may need multiple strips to cover the wreath. Be certain to pin all fabric strips on the back of the wreath, so they’ll face the wall when hung for display.
2. Select first fabric to create leaves, fold in half and trace actual leaves or leaf images from the internet. Trace using either a disappearing ink fabric marker or a pencil. Pin the two layers of fabric together and then cut out the leaves. Repeat with various colors or linen fabric to create your desired number of leaves.
3. Separate the two fabric layers of the first leaf. Cut a length of 28 gauge wire twice the length of the leaf, fold in half and twist together. Create a bead of glue along the center length of one fabric leaf piece and press the wire onto it. Top with the second identical fabric leaf piece, press securely along glue/wire line and then set aside to dry.
4. Once leaves are completely dry, bend wire leaf spines to create lifelike shapes and pin to wreath form. Arrange leaves in an overlapping pattern to avoid seeing the pins and secure final leaf with glue.
5. Securely pin a ribbon loop to the back of the wreath for hanging.

Helpful Tips:
• I used several earth-tone shades of linen, but be creative with your selection! A wide variety is available allowing you to go from monochromatic to super saturated.
• All of my supplies were easy to find at my local craft and fabric supply store.