Modern Himmeli Mobiles

How to Make Modern Himmeli Mobiles
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Plastic coffee stirrers*
Heavy duty thread**


*Online source for plastic coffee stirrers:….
Office supply stores often carry these in limited colors.  You can also do an internet search for the following terms: coffee stirrers, beverage stirrers, sip sticks, sip straws.
**Online source for heavy duty thread:

1. Each mobile element is constructed from 12 stirrers — so count out 12 and set them in front of you.

2. Measure out approximately 1 yard of heavy duty thread.  Thread three stirrers and tie into a triangle formation, leaving a 2″ to 3″ tail.  Position the triangle on your work surface with the corner where you just tied your knot pointing directly at you.

3. Thread two more stirrers onto the longest tail and tie to the upper right hand corner of your existing triangle.  The formation will now look like two triangles, the first pointing at you the second adjacent one pointing away from you.

4. Thread two more stirrers onto the longest tail and tie to the lower right hand corner of the triangle you just created.  The formation will now look like three adjacent triangles.  Continue this step two more time, until the formation looks like five adjacent triangle and you have just one stirrer left.

5. Thread your final stirrer onto the longest tail, stretch it across to the short tail created when you made your first triangle and tie the two tails together. Double knot and trim the tails.

6. You now have two loose triangular flaps – pull them towards each other and they’ll touch at their points.  Cut a short length of thread and tie these two points together.  You’ve just created the first element for your mobile!

7. Now that you have the basic element construction down, creating additional elements and combining them is somewhat freestyle.  I’ve found that it works well to create one large main element constructed from full length stirrers, and then create a series of smaller elements constructed from stirrers cut in half.  Begin to tie your smaller elements to the corners of the larger element and a chandelier-like mobile will begin to form.  Alter the look and shape of the basic element by combining short and long stirrer segments in your construction- experiment, get creative!

Helpful Tips:
·Want to create a larger, bolder mobile?  Use regular size drinking straws.