Morse Code Necklaces

How to Make a Morse Code Necklace
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Ball (Round Shaped) Beads
Bugle (Tube Shaped) Beads
Stringing Material (Cable, Cord, Ribbon or Thread)
Crimp Beads
Small Needle-Nose Pliers

1. Using an online image of the morse code alphabet for reference, write out your desired message. Find a good image of the more code alphabet here:

2. Line up your beads to correspond with your morse code message. Each morse code ‘dot’ equals a ball bead and each morse code ‘dash’ equals a bugle bead.

3. Cut string to your desired length plus two inches. Standard length for a woman’s pendant necklace is 18″ and for a man is 20″.

4. Thread one end of the string through a crimp bead and then through one piece of the clasp. Take an inch segment at the end of the string and create a loop – dangle the clasp piece from the loop and then slide the crimp bead over the end of the string. Seal the loop securely closed by pinching the crimp bead shut with pliers.

5. String your beaded morse code message. A beading needle can make stringing beads easier. Install the second half of the clasp on the open end of the string, repeating step 4.

6. Consider presenting your necklace in a small gift/jewelry box with your morse code message translated on a gift enclosure.

Helpful Tips:
• There are dozens of options available for string and bead materials, at varying price points. I used silk jewelry cord, glass beads, clam-shell crimp beads and a toggle clasp. Consider your recipient’s tastes when choosing materials.
• All of your materials can easily be found at craft/hobby or bead stores. You may find a wider range of options available through online stores. Clasps and crimp beads will be found in the store section called ‘jewelry findings.’ I purchased all of my materials at:
• You can opt to create a bracelet by simply using a shorter piece of string. Standard length for a bracelet is 7 — 8″.