Pressed Penny Bracelets

How to Make Pressed Penny Souvenir Bracelets
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Pressed penny souvenirs (3 to 6 per bracelet)
Copper colored jump rings*
Copper colored clasp set**

Two pairs of small pliers
Rotary tool (like Dremel brand) or standard drill
Drill bit (small enough to accommodate your jump rings)
Wood block
*Source for jewelry jump rings:
**Source for jewelry clasps:…
Rotary tools (like Dremel brand) can be found at any hardware store.

1. Select three or more pressed souvenir pennies to create your bracelet — the exact number of pennies will depend on the size of your wrist.

2. Using a rotary tool and a small drill bit, drill a hole in each end of your penny. The size of drill bit you use will be determined by the size of your jump rings. I used a 5/64″ bit. Be certain to place a wood block beneath your penny before you drill so you don’t make hole in your work surface or counter top!

3. In one hand hold a single jump ring in a pair of small pliers. Grasp the other side of the jump ring with a second set of pliers held in your other hand. Gently open the jump ring by slightly moving one side of the jump ring towards you and other side away from you. Slide two drilled pennies onto the jump ring. Again, grasping the jump ring with a pair of pliers in each hand, move the ends back together — snugly closing the jump ring. Repeat this process, connecting the pennies in a chain until you reach your desired length.

4. Finally, attach your claps pieces to each end of the bracelet with jump rings. I used a toggle clasp, but lobster claw clasps or spring ring clasps would also work well.

Helpful Tips:
• If you’re concerned about holding a pressed penny against the wood block and drilling with the rotary tool in your other hand, try this — secure the penny to the surface of your wood block with masking tape. This keeps the penny stabile and frees up both hands to operate the rotary tool. It’s ok to drill through the masking tape — it won’t damage your rotary tool or drill.
• As an alternative, you may consider just drilling holes in one end of each penny and attaching them with jump rings to a standard chain bracelet — similar to vintage style charm bracelets.