Tissue Paper Toadstools

How to Make Honeycomb Tissue Paper Toadstools
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Materials:Honeycomb tissue paper balls*
White paper

Ruler or straight edge
Utility knife
Paper clips
Circle paper punch
Hot glue gun and glue

*Online sourced for honeycomb tissue paper balls: http://www.devra-party.com/honeycomb-…

Directions:1) To create the top (or the cap) of the toadstool, take one unopened honeycomb tissue paper ball – measure and mark the halfway point along the straight edge. Use this as a mark to draw a line equally dividing the ball in half. Utilizing a ruler or straight edge, cut along this line with a utility knife. It is easiest to make several lighter passes with the knife to make the cut versus pressing really hard and trying to cut it in one pass.

2) Now reposition your ruler along the line you just cut, angling it up slightly towards the center so that it looks like a long narrow pie piece. Cut long this new angle and discard the little pie-shaped piece you cut away. You now have two unassembled toadstool caps, one with a hanging string and one without — set them aside.

3) To create the bottom (or the stem) of the toadstool, take one unopened honeycomb tissue paper ball and using a ruler draw two line perpendicular to the straight edge – one above the top staple and one below the bottom staple — these two lines will create the top and the bottom of the stem. Then create a third line for the side of the stem — running from the top line to the bottom line, angling it slightly to flare out at the base. Again utilizing a ruler or straight edge, cut along these three lines with a utility knife. Discard the small pieces you cut away from the top and the bottom, but save and set aside the larger piece you cut away from side.

4) Now open and assemble the cap without the hanging string and the stem — open and expand the two cardboard pieces, bringing them together and securing them with a paper clip.

5) Apply a liberal amount of hot glue to the top of the assembled stem and gently set the assemble cap on top of it. Hold it in place for a minute until the glue cools and sets.

6) To finish off the toadstool cap with the signature white spot, punch a series of circle out of white paper using a paper punch. Alternately, you can cut out the circles by hand using a standard pair of scissors. Using hot glue apply them to the cap in a random pattern. This completes your first, free-standing toadstool!

7) To create a second, hanging toadstool — open and assemble the second cap with the hanging string. Also use that large piece cut away from the side first stem, to create a second stem. Adhere the cap to the stem with hot glue and then finish off the cap with white paper spots. Once the glue has cooled and set, your second toadstool is ready to hang!

Helpful Tips:
-These toadstools can be created using any size honeycomb tissue paper balls you’d like!

-The free-standing toadstools make great centerpieces when gathered together in small clusters. Consider setting them on wood slices and surrounding the base of the stems with preserved moss for a woodland feel.

-The hanging toadstools can be suspended from your ceiling, your mantle or even strung along a length of ribbon to create a garland.

-Traditional storybook style toadstools have red caps with white spots and stems, but you can create yours in whatever color combinations you’d like!

-These toadstools would be great décor for a storybook style baby shower or even an Alice in Wonderland birthday party!