Wood and Yarn God’s Eye

How to Create a God’s Eye
Imaginative Crafts, Do-It-Yourself Projects and Video Tutorials by Robert Mahar, robert-mahar.com
This video tutorial is part of Robert’s Creative Live class Stylish Pajaki Chandeliers.

Materials and tools:
3/16″ wood dowel
heavy utility shears
medium grit sand paper
two 1″ wood rounds
craft knife
glue gun and glue sticks
two (or more) skeins of yarn in desired colors

1. Using heavy utility shears cut your dowel into six pieces that are 6″ in length and sand the ends with a medium grit sand paper. Cut shallow notches at one-inch intervals along each piece of dowel with a craft knife – this will help keep the wrappedyarn in place. Create a score line around the circumferance of each dowel approximately 1/2″ from one end – this will aid in attaching hanging strings should you decide to turn this god’s eye into a pajaki chandelier.

2. Hot glue two of the dowel pieces onto a 1″ wood round – positioning them directly across from one anotherPlace two dots of hot glue directly across from one another on the wood round leaving approximately ¼ inch between the glued ends. Potion the scored ends of the dowels on the outside of the God’s Eye when complete.

Continue to hot glue the remaining four dowels onto the wood round, positioning them so as to create a wheel with equidistant spacing between each. The finished form will have six dowels equally around the wood round, like spokes of a wheel. For additional stability, fill in spaces the spaces between the dowels on the wood round with hot glue and then place a second wood round on top, sandwiching the dowels between the two rounds.

3. Choose one color of yarn and tie a tight knot around one of the spokes at the end closest to the wood round. Go underneath the adjacent dowel, wrapping it once around the spoke before moving to the next spoke and repeat. Continue to wrap around the god’s eye structure. As you continue wrapping and moving away from the center you’ll find the yarns creates a flat surface on one side of the god’s eye and a ribbed surface on the opposite side.

4. To add a second color of yarn, stop at the point where you’d like the colors to alternate. Snip the yarn, leaving a 2″ tail. Tie on the second color of yarn and continue wrapping. Once the new color is established, you can cut the excess tail from the knot you created. Keep alternating until you reach the score line you created 1/2″ from the end of each dowel.

Once you’ve finished your God’s Eye, you can ornament it at the end with pom-poms or you can use it in a pajaki chandelier.