Cement Tea Light Holders

How to Make Cement Tea Light Holders
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Quick dry cement mix
Non stick food spray
Clear spray sealant
Protective felt feet

Rubber gloves
Exterior and interior molds
Mixing spoon

1. Mix a small amount of the cement mix according to package instructions.

2. Spray the inside of the exterior mold and the outside of the interior mold with non stick cooking spray.

3. Fill the exterior mold 3/4 of the way with the cement mix. Press the interior mold into the cement mix. Gently but firmly bang the exterior mold on your work surface to remove air bubbles. Set aside and allow to dry overnight.

4. Once dry separate your cement tea light holder from the molds. If desired, clean up edges with a metal file.

5. Spray your tea light holder with a clear sealant and allow to dry. Place felt feet on the underside of the tea light holder to protect your surfaces.

Helpful tips:
• You may opt to sift larger rocks out of your cement mix for a smoother surface.
• Protect your hands and wear rubber gloves while mixing the cement.