Clothespin Dolls

How to Make Clothespin Dolls
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Doll heads
Doll stands
Small wood balls and/or beads
Acrylic craft paint
Chenille stems/pipe cleaners
Fabric and ribbon

Craft glue
Paint brushes
Needle and thread
Painter’s tape

*Online sources for materials:
Doll heads
Doll stands
Wood beads

1) Fit one of the doll heads down onto a clothespin, using the clothespins as a handle while you paint hair and facial features onto the head using acrylic craft paint. Depending on the paint you select, multiple coats may be needed for complete coverage. When you’re finished, set the clothespin into one of the doll stands to dry.

2) Paint one of the doll stands to resemble shoes. To create socks, wrap a piece of painter’s tape around the pin, about an inch from the bottom — paint the lower portion to resemble socks and remove the painter’s tape when the paint is dry.

3) Create arms by either drilling a small hole through the upper portion of the clothespin and sliding a piece of pipe cleaner through OR take a longer piece of pipe cleaner, wrap it around the clothespin and glue it into place.

4) Create a simple circle dress by cutting a round piece of fabric roughly 5 ½” in diameter. Fold the fabric into quarters and snip off the point creating a hole that you can slip down over the top of the clothespin. The dress can be affixed to the clothespin using glue OR take a needle and thread and sew a running stitch around the hole, slip it down over the top of the clothespin and pull the thread tight, cinch it up tight and then tie it off. Cover the top of the dress with a piece of ribbon, gluing it in place.

5) Create simple tops, pants and shorts using strips of fabric. Cut the strips to the desired width and glue them directly onto the clothespin.

6) When all of your painted and glued elements are dry, assemble your dolls by pressing the painted heads down onto the dressed clothespins and then pressing the base of the clothespins into the painted shoe stands.

Helpful Tips:

•You can use small wood beads and balls as accessories or to build on the dolls. In the video I used wood beads to create the look of pigtails — gluing them onto the head and allowing them to dry before painting on the hair.
•Have fun creating your clothespin doll characters! They can be made to resemble family members, friends, characters from books or your imagination!