Clown Favor Jars

How to Make Clown Favor Jars
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Materials & Tools:
variety of colored paper
scissors, craft knife, ruler
glass or plastic jars
variety of round paper punches (small, medium & large)
white craft glue
Xyron Machine*
tiny pom poms
styrofoam ball

*Online source for Xyron 150 Create A Sticker:…

1. Punch one large circle as the base. Punch three medium circles (two colored and one white) for the feet. Punch six medium circles for the collar (3 each of two colors). Punch two small circles for the hands.

2. Glue two medium circles to the edge of the large circle = base and feet. Run medium white circle through Xyron machine. Cut in half and apply to the ends of the feet.

3. Glue base and feet to underside of glass jar.

4. Fill jar with gumballs or other fun treats.

5. Cut strip of paper to wrap ¾ of the way around the jar for arms. Run strip of paper and two small circles through the Xyron machine. Peel and adhere first hand, then the arm band then final hand around the center of the jar.

6. Glue six medium circles around the top edge of the jar lid, alternating colors to create the collar.

7. Glue a Styrofoam ball to the center of the jar lid to create the head.

8. Cut a 5 ¾” circle into quarters. Use one of the quarters — roll it into a cone and staple to secure. Glue pom poms to the front of the hat.

9. Apply glue to rim of hat and place on clown’s head.

10. Punch two tiny circles for clown’s eyes and glue to head.

11. Glue a single pom pom to the clown’s face for the nose.

12. Screw lid onto jar. Allow to dry.

Helpful Notes:

  • This craft is meant to be customized – have fun and experiment!
  • We used a Xyron sticker-making machine — but you can just as easily use glue stick.
  • Raid your recycling bin for jars and create clowns in all shapes and sizes.

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