Custom Scented DIY Nail Polish

How to Make Custom Colored and Scented Nail Polish
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Nail polish bottles (1/2 oz) with brush caps
Suspending nail polish base
Mini funnels
Mixing beads
Micas and glitters
Your choice of fragrance
*Online source for DIY nail polish kit that includes all of the above materials:…

Optional materials:
Your choice of fragrance
Online source for fragrance oils:…
Mini scoops
Online source for mini scoops:…

1. Carefully fill your empty glass nail polish bottles about 90% full with suspending nail polish base and then insert a couple of the mixing beads. Note! Don’t use the mini funnels to pur your base into the bottles — the base is too thick and the funnel opening is too narrow.

2. Place your small funnel on the top of the bottle neck. Select your choice of micas and/or glitters and scoop them into the funnel. Add just one scoop at a time and tap the funnel between each addition to get the colorants down into the bottle.

3. If you’d like to add fragrance to your nail polish, add it at this time. Only use about one mL of fragrance so as not to dilute the nail polish.

4. Insert the brush down into the neck of the bottle and the screw on the cap. This action will connect these two separate elements.

5. Now shake the bottle for at least one minute to completely combine all of the ingredients. You can now test your nail polish by brushing it directly onto your nails or a piece of paper. If you want to add additional colorants, you can do so at this time and then cap and shake thoroughly again.

6. To keep track of your custom nail polish combinations, consider keeping a DIY recipe book listing out your ingredients and painting a small swatch of the finished polish.