Edible Pudding Teacups

How to Make Edible Pudding Teacups
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wafer/cake ice cream cones
round cookies
chocolate covered round pretzels
decorator icing
instant pudding
meringue swirls

1. Cut away the base of a wafer ice cream cone using a sharp serrated knife. Use a gentle sawing motion to create a clean cut line.

2. Pipe a line of icing along the cut base of the cone top. Press onto a round cookie. This gives the appearance of a cup and saucer.

3. Slice off a small portion of a chocolate covered round pretzel. Use icing to adhere the cut pretzel to the side of cone. This becomes the cup handle.

4. Prepare instant pudding with cold milk. Spoon into cups.

5. Top each cup with a meringue swirl.

Helpful Tip:
To avoid breakage when making the cups, pick them up by their cookie ‘saucer’ bases and not the pretzel handles.

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