Graham Cracker Houses

How to Make Graham Cracker Houses
Imaginative Crafts, Do-It-Yourself Projects and Video Tutorials by Robert Mahar,
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1. Cut point on the end of two graham cracker pieces, following the center perforation line to the top center perforation line. Cut with a serrated knife using a gentle sawing motion.

2. Separate one graham cracker in half. Pipe icing along two edges.

3. Stand up graham cracker half and press the two pointed graham cracker pieces into the icing, forming three walls of the house.

4. Pipe icing along two edges of the second graham cracker half. Press onto the standing walls, completing the four walls of the house.

5. Separate one graham cracker in half, these will create the two roof pieces. Unwrap nine sticks of gum. Cut them to width of the graham cracker pieces. Use icing
to apply gum to the roof pieces in an overlapping fashion to resemble roof tiles.

6. Pipe icing on the back of the roof pieces, along all four side. Also pipe icing along the top of the short house wall. Gently position roof pieces and press into the icing.

7. Pipe icing along the top seam of the room and cover with the remaining piece of gum.

8. Cut a door shape from a graham cracker quarter and adhere to the front wall with icing.

9. Cut two pirouette cookies on an angle and apply to the roof with icing. These create the house’s chimneys.

10. Position house on display play and secure in place with icing.

11. Cut additional pirouette cookies to create a firewood log pile along one side of the house.

12. Using icing to keep logs in place and create the illusion of snow.

13. Create a front walkway with Necco wafer candies, adhering them to the plate with icing.

14. Slice the tops off two green jujube candies and adhere to the plate with icing. Pipe icing into the cut top of each candy and them press a second whole candy onto the icing. These form small trees/shrubs.