Homemade Snow Globes

How to Make Homemade Snow Globes
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Glass jars with metal screw-on lids
Distilled water
Small figurines
Silicone glue
Plastic glitter

1. Start with clear glass or plastic jars. Remove the lids. Use clear silicone glue to adhere a plastic or ceramic figurine to the inside of the lid. Allow to dry.

2. Place the jar in a larger bowl. Fill almost to the brim with distilled water.

3. Shake plastic glitter into the jar.

4. Add several drops of glycerin to the water.

5. Screw the lid (with figurine attached) back onto the jar. Excess water will spill over into the bowl. Make certain to screw the lid on very tight. Dry off.

6. Shake and watch it snow!

7. Write a gift tag and tie to the base of the jar with twine.