Kid’s Thanksgiving Table Setting

How to Make a Kid’s Thanksgiving Table Setting
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Pilgrim Hat Crayon Container:
1. Disassemble a black paper drinking cup and cut approximately 1″ below the cup lip create a template for the hatband. Trace and cut a hatband out of kraft colored paper.

2. Using a 1″ square paper punch, punch a square in the corners of a yellow piece of paper. Cut approximately ½” around the punched square to create the hat buckle.

3. Wrap the hatband around the center of a black paper cup and adhere with a glue dot. Adhere the buckle to the center of the hatband also with glue dots.

4. Using a glue stick adhere black paper to the printed side of a piece of recycled cardboard. Trace and cut a small round bowl onto the cardboard. This creates the hat brim.

5. Run a line of glue around the lip of the cup, center and adhere to the hat brim.

6. Using a craft knife cut out the bottom of the cup, creating an opening for the crayons. Fill with crayons.

Native American Headband Journal:
1. Fold a piece of colored paper lengthwise and cut freehand a half feather shape. Unfold and fringe the sides with fringing scissors.

2. Cut a length of ribbon, long enough to wrap and tie around a child’s head. Using glue dots, adhere the feather to the center of the ribbon. Tie around the journal.