Mayflower Place Cards

How to Make Mayflower Place Cards
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Materials and tools:
8.5″” x 11″” kraft or brown paper
2″” x 3.5″” white paper
wood grain stamp and ink pad or brown marker
bamboo skewer
1/8″” hole punch
mini peanut butter cups (or similar)
candy corn (or similar)

1. Cut an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of kraft paper in half horizontally.

2. Draw or stamp a wood grain pattern on both sides of one sheet. Allow to dry.

3. Fold into an origami boat. To assist, see step by step photos at:… Fold sheet in half vertically and then horizontally.

4. Fold the top two corners down to the center line.

5. Fold up the bottom flap on both sides.

6. Fold in half creating a diamond shape.

7. Fold bottom half up on each side creating a triangle shape.

8. Placing your fingers in the bottom opening, gently pull the two sides away from the center, forming a boat. Bend and mold the bottom and sides of the boat as necessary allowing it to sit flat and upright. Set aside.

9. Trim the short sides of a business card size piece of paper to resemble a sail.

10. Then take a second business card size piece of paper and cut it in half. Take that half and trim the sides to resemble a sail. Write a guest’s name on the larger sail.

11. Use a 1/8″ hole punch to punch holes in the top and bottom center of each sail piece. Alternatively, you can simply poke holes with a sharp pencil or craft knife.

12. Thread the sail pieces onto a skewer, which will serve as the boat mast.

13. Cut the center point of the origami boat. Fit the skewer through this hole and into a piece of candy to hold it upright. Fill boat with candy corn

Helpful Tip:
To assist in folding your origami boat, see the following site for step by step photographs:…