Monogrammed Camp Journal

How to Make a Monogrammed Camp Journal
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Materials and tools:
blank journal
decorative tape*
permanent marker
parchment paper

*Online source for the decorative tape we used:…

1. Print a bold font letter to use for your monogram. Tape a piece of parchment paper over the printed letter and trace it with a permanent marker.

2. Tape vertical strips of colored tape over the traced design on the parchment paper, overlapping each strip by half.

3. When the traced letter is completely obscured by the tape, remove the parchment paper from the printed letter. Turn the parchment paper over to see the traced design and cut it out with scissors.

4. Create stripes parallel to the spine of the journal using the decorative tape. Then, peel the monogrammed letter from the parchment paper backing and place it on the journal cover. Smooth to secure.