Moth Repellent Sachets

How to Make Moth Repellent Sachets
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Muslin drawstring bags*
Decorative stamps and ink
Cedar wood chips**
Whole cloves
Dried rosemary
Cedar wood essential oil***

*Online sourced for muslin drawstring bags:
**Online source for cedar wood chip:
***Online source for cedar wood essential oil:

1) If you would like to decorate the exterior of the muslin bags, stamping is a good option. Select a rubber stamp and ink, stamping the bag as desired. Standard ink intended for paper works well on muslin bags.

2) Fill the muslin bags approximately 90% full of cedar wood chips. For a small bag add a pinch of whole cloves and 1/2 tablespoon of dried rosemary. For larger bags add more.

3) To keep the scent of your sachets potent, consider adding 10 drops of cedar wood essential oil.

4) Once all of your ingredients have been added to your muslin bag, pull the drawstring tight.

5) Layer smaller sachets between layers of wool clothing in storage containers. For hanging garments, create larger sachets and hang them around the tops of clothes hangers.

Helpful Tips:
– These aromatic sachets help keep wool-loving moths at bay. To keep the scent potent and most effective, add additional cedar wood essential oil to the contents through the season.
– These sachets are intended for one storage season, after which discard the contents and fill with fresh ingredients.