Paper Lantern Chandelier

How to Make A Paper Lantern Chandelier
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Paper lanterns*
Hanging loop/hoop**
Battery operated tea lights
Floral wire
*Source for Chinese/bamboo paper lanterns:…
Source for accordion style paper lanterns:…

Wire cutters

1. Begin by selecting a variety of paper lanterns — it’s nice to have two or three different sizes for variety.  You can use as many paper lanterns as you’d like to create a chandelier of any size.  When you’ve decided on your selection, go ahead and assemble all of them.

2. Next we’ll begin suspending the lanterns from one central hanging loop.  Cut a length of ribbon, slide it through the top of one lantern and then through the central hanging loop — tie the two ends together leaving ribbon tails long enough to drape down over the side of the lantern.  Continuing hanging each lantern in this manner.  Keep in mind, it’s best to hang your largest lanterns first — you want them resting against one another just at slightly varied heights.

3. Create lights for the interior of your lanterns by wrapping a 12″ length of floral wire around the exterior of a battery operated tea light.  Twist the two ends of the floral wire together and bend the tails into a hook.  Secure the wire by taping it to the tea light on the side opposite the hook.  Turn the tea light on and feed it down through the top of the paper lantern, placing the wire hook of the lantern’s framework.

4. Hang and enjoy!

Helpful Tips:
• Once you’ve strung your first few lanterns through your central hanging loop it’s a good idea to hang the chandelier up while you continue to construct it.  This will make it easier as you continue to string and place the smaller lanterns.
• ** I used a metal hanging hoop/loop found in the jewelry making section of my local craft store.  However, you could just as easily use a small embroidery hoop or create your own hoop by cutting away the center of a small plastic lid.