Perler Bead Cookie Cord Organizers

How to Make Perler Bead Cookie Cord Organizers
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Perler beads*
*Online source for DIY perler beads:
Perler bead peg board (round and/or square)*
Perler bead ironing paper**
Hot glue & hot glue gun
Bamboo skewer (optional)
*Online source for perler bead peg board…
**Online source for perler bead ironing paper:…

1) Create a circle on a round peg board that is 11 beads across — this will create the first cookie of the sandwich cookie. I created the circle using a light brown color perler bead. You may find it easier to pick up and place the perler beads using the aid of a bamboo skewer.

2) Once you’ve filled in the entire circle remove a few of the beads using tweezers or a bamboo skewer and replace them with darker brown perler beads to resemble chocolate chips.

3) Then remove a line of three perler beads on either side of the circle, directly cross from one another. These will create the notches to organize the plug and earbuds on either end of the cord.

4) Pre-heat your iron to medium or medium high. Place the ironing paper that comes with your perler beads over your circle and then iron in a circular motion for 10 seconds. Carefully lift the paper to see if the beads have melted together — if not, iron for another ten seconds. Allow the cookie to cool for a second and then peel the paper off, flip the cookie over, place the paper back down and iron the second side. Allow to cool, peel away the paper and you’ve created the first cookie of your sandwich cookie.

5) Create and iron a second circle shaped cookie identical to the first but without the notches.

6) Next create and iron a circle that is two rows smaller than the cookie to resemble the filling. Then remove a single perler beads on either side of the circle, directly cross from one another — this accommodates the organizing notches in the cookie. I created this circle using white perler beads. Create and iron two filling layers

7) Now we’ll combine all four layers to create the three-dimensional sandwich cookie. Using hot glue connect one filling layer to the cookie with the notches making sure the spaces are aligned. Glue on the second layer of filling and then top it off with the second cookie. Allow the hot glue to cool.

8) To use your cord organizer, place your ear buds in one notch, wrap the cord around the center filling layers and then tuck the plug into the second notch. The wrapped cord ends up looking like more delicious filling!

Helpful Tips:

• You can create all manner of cookie varieties! Try a second rectangular-shaped wafer cookie as shown in the video.

• Ear buds come in wide range of colors — create a cookie using similar color perler beads for the filling layers