Punched Paper Flowers

How to Make Punched Paper Flowers
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Tissue paper in a variety of colors
Flower-shaped paper punches (We used Fiskars Pretty Scallops Lever Punch (XXXX-Large) and Fiskars Scalloped Circle Lever Punch (Large).)
Double stick tape
1/8″ hole punch
Waxed paper
Sandwich picks

1) Insert stack of tissue paper (approximately 8 sheets) into punch, press lever to punch flower shapes. Particularly thin or delicate tissue can be sandwiched between pieces of waxed paper to prevent tearing/ripping.

2) Stack punched flower shapes, alternating the petal direction and staple in center of pile.

3) Gently pull individual layers of tissue up, one at a time to create 3-D flower form.

4) To create flowers for decorating a cake, stack tissue paper with a punched piece of waxed paper as the bottom layer (to act as a barrier between the frosting and the tissue paper). Staple and then punch a small hole in the center of the stack, pull up individual layers to create the flower and then place a sandwich pick through the punched hole in the topside. (Note: Sandwich picks tend to work better than toothpicks because they are flared at the top, preventing them from going all the way through the punched hole.) Decorate the cake, poking the sandwich picks into the frosting to position.