Rubber Stamp Carving Tutorial 101

How to Carve a Rubber Stamp
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Carving block
Carving tool with V-shaped and U-shaped nibs
White copy paper
Wood block
Ink pads
Blank cards and envelopes

1) Print desired text or image and trace with pencil. Place face down on carving block and burnish back to transfer image.

2) Slowly carve around image with fine point V-shaped carving tool. Rather than carve deep gouges, make multiple shallow passes. Remember that carving tools are very sharp, always carve away from your body and hands. Use a folded paper towel when changing the carving nibs to protect your fingers.

3) Remove larger ‘negative space’ around image with wider point U-shaped carving tool. Carve approximately ¼” x to ½” around your image and then cut away the excess using scissors or a craft knife.

4) Temporarily adhere carved stamp to a wood block with double stick tape.

5) Ink carved stamp and press onto paper cards & envelopes, creating stationery.

Helpful Tips:
We used the Speedball Speedy Carve Stamp Making Kit which includes both the carving block and the carving tool with both V and U-shaped nibs.