Spooky Halloween Snacks

How to Make Spooky Halloween Snacks
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Cupcake Tarantulas
Mini chocolate cupcakes
Black or brown icing

1. Remove baking paper from mini chocolate cupcake and center on plate.

2. Using a large round icing tip, pipe a black icing head at the base of the cupcake.

3. Switch to a small round icing tip and pipe the tarantula’s legs onto the plate.

Pretzel Skeletons
Large marshmallows
Black edible food marker [source: http://www.joann.com/wilton-fine-tip-food-writer-edible-color-markers/7343783.html]
Brownie bites
White chocolate covered pretzels

1. Use a black edible food marker to draw a face on the side of a large marshmallow.

2. Stick a six inch bamboo skewer into a chocolate covered brownie bite.

3. Stack six white chocolate covered pretzels over the skewer.

4. Top with marshmallow head.

Cookie Witch Hats
Chocolate covered round cookies
Chocolate drop candies

1. Using a small round icing tip, pipe a circle of orange icing on the center of a chocolate covered round cookie.

2. Unwrap a chocolate drop candy and press onto the circle of orange icing.