Miry’s List Fundraiser!

We’re traveling this weekend to spend Thanksgiving with my family – many of whom I haven’t seen in several years (or ever, in the case of my niece born during the pandemic), and I’m feeling all the feels. I’m working to channel all of my gratitude into helping another family this year, and want to invite you to join in the effort!

I volunteer for an amazing nonprofit called Miry’s List, that works to assist recent arrival refugee families settle into the U.S. One of those families, our new neighbors, is the Azizi family – mom, dad and four boys ages 7, 9, 14 and 17. They arrived from Afghanistan in August of this year and have been living in a US military installation, a holding camp – until just recently when they were able to move into their own home in the San Francisco Bay Area. They’re facing the challenge of living in a new country, learning a new language, searching for work and starting new schooling – all without their support network of family and friends. I’m partnering with Miry’s List to fill their home with much needed basics that have been compiled in a Wish List – a Target registry that you can shop and send household essentials directly to the Azizis. (Want to share this link? Here’s a shortened version: bit.ly/aziziwishlist.) It’s quick, easy, effective – and feels really good.

I’m also offering a limited edition of my 2023 Embroidered Wall Calendar as a kit (pictured above) that contain a needle, practice fabric, a hoop and five skeins of beautifully coordinated floss. The entire purchase price, less shipping, will be pooled to purchase some of the larger ticket items on the Azizi family Wish List (think sofas, dressers, area rugs and space heaters). These special kits can be found in my online shop: robert-mahar.com/shop.

Want to learn more? Join me this Friday, November 19 at 11am PST for an IG Live conversation with the founder of @miryslist, Miry Whitehall. The conversation will also be recorded and available for viewing on my Instagram feed.

We have the opportunity to make a real difference in the life of a family this holiday season! It only take a couple of minutes to send the Azizi family a welcome gift that will help set them up for success as they settle into their new home. Thank you friends for your involvement.