DIY Faux Batik Pillowcase

DIY Faux Batik Pillowcase
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Cotton throw pillow cover
Waxed paper
Blue gel glue
Round cookie cutter
Fabric paint
Pillow insert


1. Prepare the cotton throw pillow cover by prewashing it and ironing it flat. To prevent the front and back panels of the pillowcase from sticking together, insert a piece of cardboard wrapped in waxed paper.

2. Squeeze a puddle of the gel glue roughly the same diameter as your cookie cutter onto a plate. Dip the rolled edge of the cookie cutter into the glue and then apply it to the pillowcase. The kawung pattern begins with a grid of side-by-side circles. Once you’ve created the grid of circles, create a second overlapping grid to complete the kawung pattern – position your cookie cutter over the area created between four circles and stamp. When you’ve completed stamping your gel glue resist, set the pillowcase aside and allow it to completely dry.

3. Once the glue is fully dry it’s time to apply fabric paint. Select a fabric paint that doesn’t require you to heat set it – as this would affect the glue resist. Brush on the paint carefully filling in each area of the design or opt to paint in an overall freeform fashion. If you decide to paint in individual sections, be certain to overlap the glue lines just a bit – this ensures you cover the whole area. Any portion of the fabric covered by the glue will resist the paint.

4. When you’ve finished painting, allow it to dry according to the paint manufacturer’s directions. Then soak the fabric in warm water and begin to rub away the glue with your fingers – this will take a few minutes. You’ll begin to notice the design emerging, revealing the areas of the fabric that resisted the paint.

5. Once the glue is entirely removed, thoroughly rinse the pillowcase, then wash and dry it. You can then fill it with a pillow insert.