Glow in the Dark Star Mobile

How to Make a Glow in the Dark Star Mobile
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Glow in the dark hot glue sticks*
16 gage jewelry wire
White thread
*Online source for glow in the dark hot glue sticks:

High temp hot glue gun
Silicone mold*
Wire cutters
A short piece of dowel, a pencil or a chop stick
Gallon paint can
*Online source for silicone mold:

1. Load a glow in the dark glue stick into a high temp hot glue gun and allow it to pre-heat for five minutes.  Fill the star molds with hot glue and then gently bang the back of the mold on your work surface to help the glue settle into all of the points and corners of the mold.  Allow to cool for three minutes and then remove the stars from the mold.  The mobile in the video used 15 stars.
2. To create the hanging element of the mobile, begin by cutting an 18″ length of wire and mark the center point (9″) with a marker.  Center the dowel over the 9″ mark and wrap the wire around it twice — this creates the top hanging loop.
3. Measure 10″ around the side of a gallon pant can and mark the beginning and end of the 10″ length with a piece of tape.  Also mark the center point, or 5″ mark.
4. Take your piece of wire, center the dowel over the 5″ mark and bend the wire around the sides of the can to create and arch shape.  Mark the wire at the beginning and end of the 10″ length with the marker.
5. Place the dowel over the mark on one end of the wire.  Wrap the wire around the dowel twice and trim the excess with the wire cutter — this creates one of the side hanging loops.  Repeat this on the other end of the wire to create a second side hanging loop.  Create three of these metal wire elements.
6. Lay the wire elements out in a triangular configuration on your work surface and then begin to connect them with the white thread.  Connect the side hanging loops of the top metal element to the top center of the two bottom metal elements with loops of thread.
7. Next create hanging loops for the stars.  Create loops of any length extending down from the side hanging loops of the two bottom metal elements, and from the center of all three metal elements.
8. Lay out your stars and tape them to the thread loops — be mindful to hang the same number and size of stars from the side hanging loops on each metal element.  Once all of your stars are taped to the thread loops, lift up the mobile to make certain it hangs evenly and not lopsided.  Adjust as necessary.
9. Lay the mobile back down on your work surface, remove the tape and hot glue the string to the back of the stars.  Allow the glue to cool for a few minutes and then your mobile is ready to hang!

Helpful Tips:
• The glow in the dark stars are reactivated by light.  Hang your mobile in a spot where it will be exposed to natural light from your windows or electrical lights in your house during the day — it will then glow for a few hours each night.
• These mobiles are not toys, but are for decorative purposes only.  Be certain to hang them out of reach of small children.
• You can easily hang your mobile from your ceiling using a removable hook, such as:…