Image Transfer Wood Postcards

How to Create Image Transfer Wood Postcards
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Image transfer medium*
Photocopied images
Sandpaper (medium to fine grit)

*Online source for basswood planks:

*Online source for Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium:

Utility knife/box cutter
Cutting mat
Foam brush
Spray bottle with water
Sponge or rag


1. Cut wood to desired postcard size. The postcards demonstrated measure approximately 4” x 6” and were created from basswood planks. Basswood is soft enough that it can be cut with a utility knife or box cutter along with a ruler and cutting mat to protect your work surface. Alternately, a thin craft plywood could be used and cut with a handsaw.

2. Once the wood is cut, lightly sand it all over using a fine to medium grit sand paper and then wipe the wood down with a rag.

3. Select and photocopy an image to transfer to the face of the postcard. You may find it necessary to scan and resize your image to fit your desired postcard size. IMPORTANT: Images must be photocopied on a copy machine that uses a toner cartridge (as typically found at most copy centers, office supply stores or public libraries). Images printed on ink jet printers will not work for this DIY project.

4. Apply a thick but even coat of the image transfer medium to the face of the postcard.

5. Place the side of the postcard covered in image transfer medium against your photocopied image. Gently burnish/rub the back of the photocopied image to remove any bubbles or wrinkles. Set aside and allow to dry for 24 hours or at least overnight.

6. Once the postcard is completely dry, wet the paper with water utilizing a spray bottle. You will see the image begin to appear through the wet paper. Utilizing a sponge or rag, gently begin to rub away the paper. This process will take a few minutes – be patient!

7. When the paper is completely removed and the wood is dry, the postcard is ready to use! Use the blank side of the postcard to write a note to the recipient and address it. Ballpoint ink pens tend to work well on wood.

Helpful tips!
*Either black and white or full color image will work well with this DIY project. Consider using photocopied family photos, Instagram pictures or even images of your own artwork.

*If you find that excess image transfer medium has dried on the sides of the postcard, simply sand it away with sandpaper.

*Make certain to take your postcard into your local post office to have it weighed so that you apply the appropriate amount of postage.

*Mod Podge brand Photo Transfer Medium was used in this video. Alternately, you could utilize a gel medium such as: