Living Easter Baskets

How to Create a Living Easter Basket
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A basket
A basket liner
Good quality potting soil
Flowers to be transplanted
Live or preserved moss

1) Select an Easter basket and then purchase a liner to fit the interior. Most stores that carry seasonal merchandise will carry a large variety of baskets. Liners can be found in plant nurseries, craft supply stores, hardware store and garden centers.

2) Place your liner in your basket and fill it ½ to ¾ full of potting soil.

3) Arrange your plants on top of the soil to determine placement. You can opt to fill the entire liner with flowers or leave room to place Easter eggs. Once you’ve decided on your placement, loosen the flower roots and press gently into the soil. Cover the roots with an additional inch of soil.

4) Lightly water the soil. Be mindful not to over-water as your liner does not have drainage holes.

5) Surround the plants with a layer of live or preserved moss — this will cover the soil, disguise the edges of the liner and provide a layer of cushion for your Easter eggs.

6) Arrange Easter eggs amongst the flowers and display!

Helpful Tips:
• Take your selected basket with you when you go shopping for a liner — this way there is no guesswork as to whether or not it will fit!
• Once the holiday has passed, transplant your flowers to your outdoor container garden or flower beds.