Pressed Flower Monograms

How to Make Pressed Flower Monograms
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Pressed flowers*
Heavyweight paper
Picture Frame

Craft glue
Small paint brush
*Online sourced for pressed flowers:

1) Pressed flowers can be purchased online or you can easily press them yourself. Begin by folding a sheet of standard copy paper. Select a variety of flowers and foliage from your garden or backyard and place them in the fold of the paper. Place this in between the page of a book and then stack additional heavy books on top. Allow two to three weeks for the flowers to dry — this time may variety according to where you live and the level of humidity.

2) If you’d like to frame your pressed flower monogram, begin by selecting a frame. Remove the packing and use it as a size guide to measure and cut a piece of heavyweight paper. Watercolor paper from your local art supply store is a good option. Then set your frame and cut paper aside.

3) On a separate piece of paper lightly draw the monogram letter you’d like to create in pencil. Alternately, eyeball the placement of your pressed flowers. Using tweezers to lift the pressed flowers and begin to arrange them on the paper into the shape of your monogram letter.

4) When you’re pleased with your arrangement, the flowers can be transferred and adhered to the cut piece of paper. Use a small paintbrush to lightly dab glue onto the back of the pressed flowers. You do not need to cover the entire back of the flower with glue, simply dab small amounts along the edges of the petals, leaves and stem. Position them on the cut piece of paper and lightly press them into place with your fingers. Once all of your pressed flowers have been glued in place, allow them to dry for at least an hour.

5) At this point your dried pressed flower monogram is ready to be framed and given as a gift!

Helpful Tips:
• Pressed flowers are dry, delicate and brittle. Handle them gently, using a pair of tweezers. However, if a petal or leaf breaks off — know that you can simply glue it back in place on your piece of paper.

• It’s a good idea to use larger and plainer pieces of foliage or flowers as background pieces when creating your monogram letter. Then layer smaller, more colorful pieces on top.

• You may also consider creating pressed flower monograms on the front of blank greeting cards or even on pieces of stretched canvas.