Shirt & Tie Favor Boxes

How to Make Shirt & Tie Favor Boxes
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Materials and Tools:
Pocketbook Favor Boxes*
Super Tacky Tape**
decorative paper***

*Online source for pocketbook favor boxes:
**Online source for Super Tacky Tape:;-6yds-45;-1-4/3650_042/425684.html
***Online Source for decorative paper:

1. Begin with a Pocketbook Favor Box. Lay flat and identify the top front closure flap. Using scissors cut this flap to resemble a “W” or buttoned shirt collar.

2. Using Super Tacky Tape, assemble Pocketbook Favor Box according to instructions.

3. Fill with treats and fold down front closure flap.

4. Using scissors, cut freehand a tie from decorative scrapbook paper. Cut the tie in two pieces — the knot and the tail.

5. Adhere the tie tail first to the tie knot, and then apply the entire tie to the shirt collar with double-sided tape.