Simplified String Art

How to Make a Simplified String Art Panel
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Flat Head Thumb Tacks
Map Tacks
Monogram or Image for Project (sized to fit corkboard)
Sheet of White Tissue Paper

Fabric Scissors
Marker or Pencil

1. Iron fabric smooth. Lay corkboard on fabric and mark approximately 2″ around edge of cork board.

2. Cut fabric. Lay the fabric flat and center the corkboard on the fabric. Gently stretch the fabric around the edge of the corkboard and pin with the flat head thumb tacks. Work back and forth, pinning opposite sides of the board to evenly stretch the fabric taut. Pin the fabric approximately every 1″.

3. Cut a short length of ribbon. Create a hanging loop and securely pin to the back of the corkboard. Set aside.

4. Place a sheet of tissue over your desired image and trace. If tracing an image from a book, use a pencil so as to not mark the pages. Simple line drawings or letters work best.

5. Center the traced image onto the front of the fabric cover corkboard panel. Temporarily secure it in place with a map tack in each corner.

6. Place map tacks through the traced design into the corkboard — starting at each corner or intersecting line and then place one approximately every 1-2″. For curved lines place pins closer together.

7. Take your thread and tie a knot around one of the map tacks, leaving a 2″ tail. Temporarily tape the tape to the board. Begin to ‘connect the dot’ of your image by wrapping the thread around your starting map tack and then moving on to do the same thing with the second and so on. You may choose to go around your design multiple times to create a darker outline.

Helpful Tips:
• There are several ways to display your string art project! Create a hanging loop from ribbon and pin to the pack of the cork board or display on a table top using a plate stand or small picture easel.
• I purchased my corkboard, thumb tacks and map tacks at the local office supply store.

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