TIME LAPSE: Kawaii Candy Surprise Balls, Hulu + Making It

I LOVE seeing a project come together lickety split! With the magic of time lapse you can see one of my Kawaii Candy Surprise Balls come together in under a minute.

In anticipation of NBC’s Making It season two, my friends at Hulu surprised hundreds of fans with a crafting kits allowing them to create projects designed by myself and fellow maker Billy Kheel!  This is the step-by-step tutorial to create my Kawaii Candy Surprise Balls.  But, let me share a little secret with you!  Even if you didn’t receive one of Hulu’s brilliant Making It Craft Kits, you can still tackle this project with easy to find materials! #MakingItOnHulu #MakingItWithRobert

Find Billy Kheel’s project here. @bkheel