Mother’s Day Cookie Container DIY


Friends! Consider this a friendly PSA – Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13, 2018! This year my incredibly talented friend Beth, of the popular YouTube channel Entertaining with Beth, invited me into her kitchen to create something lovely for your mom – delicious lemon thyme cookies which we’ve beautifully packaged for gift giving. You’ll find the video at the end of this post, in which Beth will walk you step-by-step through baking these gorgeous cookies. I had the good fortune of “testing” a few on set and I can tell you they are light and buttery and the combination of lemon and thyme is unbelievably good. I mean, just look at them! And if you love easy recipes elegant enough for entertaining, but also simple enough for a weeknight meal- be sure to subscribe to Beth’s channel!


For my part, I created a sweet and simple way for you to package and present your cookies. I love this tube shaped box – created from inexpensive materials and perfectly sized for round cookies. I demonstrate the construction in the video, but thought it might be helpful for you to have complete written instructions as reference.


Mother’s Day Cookie Container
Materials and tools:
Single sided corrugated cardboard
3.25″ wood craft rounds
hot glue gun + glue sticks

1. Measure and cut a piece of the cardboard measuring 8″ x 13″.

2. Next, we’ll create the container’s envelope-like closure – the slightly triangular shaped flap of cardboard that conceals the delicious cookies inside! On one of the 8″ sides, measure and lightly mark in pencil the 4″ midway point. Then on each of the adjacent 13″ sides, measure and mark 1.5″ from the end. Now take one of your wood rounds and place it on the cardboard, positioned right up against that 4″ midway point mark – and lightly trace the rounded edge of the circle. This mark will help us create the lovely rounded point of the closure. Set aside the wood round and position your ruler on the cardboard, allowing you to create a straight pencil line from the 1.5″ on the side to the edge of the circular pencil mark you just created. Do this on both sides and then cut along your lines to create the flap. I’ve provide a quick visual guide below for reference!


3. Now on the end of the cardboard opposite the flap you just created, measure and mark 7″ along each of the long 13″ side. This will indicate the length of the glue line we’ll create to secure the wood rounds.

4. Beginning on one side, create a hot glue line that is about 2-3″ in length. Working quickly, place the edge of one of the wood round on the glue positioning it as close to the edge of the cardboard as possible. You’ll need to roll the cardboard around the wood and the hold it for a few seconds allowing the glue to cool and set. Now repeat this step on the opposite edge, beginning to secure your second wood round in place. Work from side to side, applying short lines of hot glue, adhering the cardboard along the wood rounds. Be certain to stop at the 7″ mark you created in pencil! This insures your container opening will be large enough to accommodate your cookies.

5. At this point, your container is ready to fill! I like to cut a rectangular piece of baking parchment paper to place inside the container – this acts as a barrier between your cookies and the cardboard. Place all of your cookies inside the container, tuck in the ends of the parchment paper and close the flap. Secure the container closed with a piece of ribbon or twine.

6. Every great gift need a gift tag, and my ‘I Baked This Gift’ Stamp & Tag Kit help you create the perfect finishing touch for your Mother’s Day gift. The kit includes a cheeky rubber stamp, ink pad, 16 colorful tags and twine to secure them to your package. Simply ink your stamp, press onto a tag and then fill in the blanks! Pro tip: Once you’ve used all of the tags included in the kit, you can continue to use the stamp and ink pad – creating your tags (cut and fold a piece of pretty paper or buy standard hang tags from your office supply store!)