Custom Wood Dominoes

How to Make Custom Wood Dominoes
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28 blank wood domino tiles*
acrylic craft paint
muslin drawstring bag**

fine grain sandpaper
painter’s tape
paint brushes
fine point paint brush

*Online source for blank wood domino tiles:
**Online source for muslin drawstring bags:

1) Lightly sand the blank wood domino tiles with a fine grain sand paper to eliminate rough edges, prevent splinters and create a surface that is smooth to the touch.

2) Measure the midway point along the long edge of each tile. Tear a piece of painter’s tape and using that mark as a guide, wrap the paint around the tile dividing it in half.

3) Paint the exposed half of the tiles a solid color. You may choose to apply multiple coats for a more opaque color. Consult your paint bottle for appropriate drying times.

4) Once the paint is dry, tear a second piece of painter’s tape and apply it approximately 1/8” from the center on the painted half of the tiles. This will mark off the center dividing line of the domino tiles. Using a contrasting color paint paint along this line.

5) When the paint is dry, remove all of the painter’s tape.

6) Create the domino spots or pips by dipping the eraser end of a pencil into the same color paint you used for the center dividing line. Position and press it onto the tile. If necessary, fill in the pip using a fine point paint brush. Consult the following site for the appropriate number and placement of pips:

7) To create a carrying bag for the dominoes, utilize a plain muslin drawstring bag. The one used in the video measures 9 1/2” tall x 6” wide. Trace two domino tiles on the face of the bag in pencil or using a disappearing ink marker. Go over these traced lines using a thin painter’s tape, adding a center dividing line to each tile. Place a piece of paper inside the bag to prevent the paint from seeping through the back panel. Paint in these boxes using the same paint used on the domino tiles. Allow the paint to dry and remove the painter’s tape. Using the same technique for the tiles, create pips using the eraser end of a pencil. Once dry, your bag is ready to be filled with your domino set!

Helpful Tips
• Consult the following site for the appropriate number and placement of pips:
• Learn several games to play with your dominoes set here:
• You can paint your dominoes using any color combination you like. The dominoes in the video were painted in three shades of blue to create a subtle ombre effect. The center dividing line and the pips were painting in a contrasting color with a high gloss finish.