Decoupaged Storage Jars

How to Make Decoupaged Storage Jars
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Materials and tools:
Recycled glass jars
Decorative papers
Solid color papers
Mod Podge
Glue brush
Washi tape

1) Start with a clean set of recycled glass jars. Trace lid on the backside of decorative paper or recycled wrapping paper. Cut approximately 1″ outside of the traced circle. Cut circle does not need to be exact.

2) Create a series of cuts from the outside edge to the traced circle, repeating about every ¼”.

3) Brush Mod Podge onto paper circle, applying to the center and brushing out to the edges. Apply a light coat of Mod Podge to the lid. Affix the top of the lid to the paper circle, aligning it inside the traced circle.

4) Fold fringed edges up and over the lip of the jar lid, one at a time in an overlapping fashion. Once complete, smooth top and edges of lid.

5) Trace lid on a solid color paper, cut with scalloped scissors just inside the traced line. Brush Mod Podge onto color paper circle and adhere to inside of jar lid as a liner. Allow lid to dry completely.

6) Apply a light coat of Mod Podge to entire lid, to seal and protect the paper. Allow to dry completely before screwing lid back onto jar.

7) Create content labels for the storage jars using Washi tape and markers.