Desk Organizing Set

How to Make a Desk Organizing Set
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Recycled aluminum cans
Cork roll*
Strong craft glue
Acrylic paint

Scissors or craft knife & cutting mat
Vinyl adhesive letters
Paint Brush
Painter’s tape

*Online source for cork roll:… 7326697.html#q=cork&start=2

1) Gather together a group of recycled aluminum cans in a variety of sizes. Check for rough or jagged edges — smooth them using pliers or cover them with masking tape. Wash your cans in warm soapy water and remove the paper labels.

2) To give the set some uniformity paint the upper edges and interiors of the cans with spray paint and then allow them to dry completely.

3) Measure the height of a can from just below the rim to the bottom of the base. Next cut out a strip of cork that same height and wrap it around the can to make certain it fits. Depending on the thickness of the cork, you may want to wrap it around the can twice to better accommodate a thumb tack. Trim away any excess. Repeat this with each can.

4) Remove the cork and place a line of strong craft glue along the side of the can. Position one end of the cork strip over the top of the glue and press it into place. Wrap the cork strip around the can, aligning it just below the upper rim of the can. When you get to the end of the strip, apply another line of glue, press into place and pin it — securing the cork until the glue dries. Repeat this with each can.
5)Once the glue is dry, remove the pins and the c­an is ready to use. If using the can for pens, pencils or scissors consider tracing the bottom of the can onto the sheet or cork, cutting out that circular piece and gluing it to the interior bottom of the can. This will help protect the points of your tools and make the can less noisy when you place them inside.

6) One optional way to personalize the cans is to place an adhesive vinyl letter on the side. Create a box around it using painter’s tape. Then paint the space between the letter and the tape using acrylic paint. Allow to dry and remove the tape and vinyl letter.

7) Utilize your cans to organize all of your office supplies and pin notes, photographs or anything else you’d like to the cork exteriors!

Helpful Tips

  • Consider using the cans as cache pots for potted plants. Line your kitchen window sill with the cans, fill with potted cooking herbs and pin your recipes to the cork while you cook!
  • Smaller cans make great place cards for a dinner party.
  • Pin your guest’s name to the front of the can and then fill it with fresh flowers.  Place a small glass jar in the can to hold the water for your flowers.