Donut Pincushion

Donut Pincushion
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Pair of socks
Fleece or felt
Fabric glue
Push pins


1. Lay your pair of socks one on top of the other and cut off the toe end. Then turn both socks inside out.

2. Position one sock inside the other, making certain that both cut ends are together.

3. Staring at the cut ends, roll both socks together to form a donut shape. If your socks have padded heels you may want to position the heels facing away from one another when you place the one sock inside the other – this will prevent a lopsided donut.

4. Trace a bowl slightly larger than your donut (or draw freehand) onto a piece of fleece or felt. This will create your donut “icing.” Cut along the traced line. Fold the cut circle in half and snip a hole in the center. Then cut again along the circle edges creating an irregular line to resemble the icing edges.

5. Dispense a think layer of fabric glue along one side of the fleece/felt icing. You may find it helpful to use a toothpick to spread the glue evenly.

6. One side of your rolled sock donut will reveal the edge of the sock opening. Position your icing on this side to hide these edges, pressing the glued fleece/felt into place. If needed, pin the fabric onto the donut assuring that all of the icing edge will dry in place – removing the pins when the glue is dry.

7. Once the glue is dry, your donut is complete and ready for display!

Consider using your donut as a pincushion – adding colorful pins to resemble sprinkles.

If you’re creating a donut for a young child, consider rolling a small jingle bell into the sock – creating a rattle. For safety, sew the fabric icing onto the sock donut.