Graduation Candy Leis

How to Make a Graduation Candy Lei
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Paper-wrapped candy
Cloth ribbon
String or twine

Small clipboard


1) Begin by selecting your candy! Be mindful to select candy in a paper wrapper with a twist at either end. For a 36″ long lei, you’ll need roughly 300 pieces of candy. The salt water taffy used in the video was purchased in bulk 2 pound bags and nearly two bags were used.

2) Measure and cut a length of cloth ribbon to use as the base of the lei. To create the 36″ lei demonstrated in the video, a two yard length of inch wide satin ribbon was used. Consider selecting a ribbon color that coordinates with your candy wrapper colors.

3) Measure and cut a 6″ length of string or twine for each piece of candy. To cut multiple pieces at once, wrap the twine around the width of a small clipboard multiple times. When you’ve wrapped a good amount, slip the wrapped twine off of the clipboard and cut it at either end of the loop to create a pile of 6″ pieces.

4) Tie a piece of twine around the paper wrapper twist at one end of the candy. Do your best to tie it close to the center of the twine leaving roughly equal lengths of twine on either side of the knot. Repeat this for each piece of candy.

5) Measure 18″ from one end of the ribbon and tie a knot. Begin tying the candy on the other side of the knot. Tie the candy loose enough that you’re able to move and position it around the ribbon, but be certain to double knot, making it secure. As you add candy to the lei position the pieces so that your lei is consistently full all around the ribbon.

6) Continue adding candy until you reach 18″ from the end of the ribbon and then tie a second knot. You now have two 18″ ribbon tails to tie together in a nice bow, securing the two ends of the lei.

7) Your candy lei is now ready to present to your favorite grad!

Helpful Tips:
– The lei created in the video was 36″ long and is generally a good size for an adult. Reduce or enlarge the length as needed to fit your recipient.
– Select the grad’s favorite candy, candy in wrappers that match the grad’s school colors or perhaps go with a nice assortment.