Halloween Tissue Paper Flowers

How to Make Halloween Tissue Paper Flowers
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Tissue paper (shades of orange and green)
Sturdy string or twine
Wood dowels (3/16″ diameter x 12″ long)
White glue
Display vase or urn
Dried black beans or lentils

Paper scissors
Glass bowl
Paper towels
Drying rack
Hot glue gun & glue

1. Tissue paper is usually sold/packaged in large sheets — cut these larger orange sheets down into approximately 8″ x 12″ pieces. These will be used to create your flower blooms.

2. Fold a piece of paper towel and place in the bottom of your glass bowl. Carefully pour just enough bleach in the bowl to cover the paper towel.

3. Stack approximately 8 to 10 sheets of cut tissue paper and loosely fold in half twice lengthwise. Gently dip each short end of the stacked/folded tissue paper into the bleach. Dab against the paper towel or the sides of the bowl to remove excess bleach and prevent dripping. Carefully unfold and hang over a drying rack, allow to dry completely – approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

4. Once the tissue paper is totally dry, gently separate 5 to 6 sheets and stack. Accordion fold the stack of tissue, each fold being about ¾” to 1″ wide. Trim the bleach-dipped short ends into arched or pointed petal shapes.

5. Bend the accordion fold in half lengthwise to determine the center point. Cut a length of string or twine and tie firmly but gently around the center point. Double knot and trim the tails.

6. Spread open the two accordion fold ends into fan shapes and gently separate the sheets of tissue, one layer at a time. Pull the sheets up toward the center, fluffing them to create the flower petals.

7. Apply an inch of hot glue along one end of a wood dowel and carefully press into the base of the flower — the center fold of the accordion tied with string. Set aside to dry.

8. Cut the larger green sheets of tissue paper down into approximately 7″ x 7″ square pieces. These will be used to create your flower foliage. Stack two squares sheets, fold in half once, fold in half a second time and then thirdly fold diagonally (as if you were going to create paper snowflakes!) Snip a tiny bit of the pointed tip off and then cut arched or pointed leaf shaped tips out of the opposite end. Unfold and place the dowel stem through the center hole, sliding the foliage up to the base of the bloom. Secure with white glue and set aside to dry.

9. When the foliage is completely dry, fluff the blooms. Fill a display vase or urn with dried black beans or lentils to surely hold the dowel/stems in place. Arrange your flowers as desired.

Helpful Tips:
• I recommend using concentrated or “splash-less” bleach to help prevent excess drips. You may also opt to use rubber gloves while working with bleach to protect your hands.

• I used shades of orange for my flowers, but the color choice is totally yours! Bleach dipped orange, purple, grey and black are perfect for Halloween — but switch to brighter, festive shades and these flowers suddenly look like Spring Dahlias!