Halloween Treat Eyeballs

How to Make Halloween Treat Eyeballs
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Tissue paper
5″ round balloons
Treats to fill eyeballs

1. Cut white tissue paper into 1″ wide strips.

2. Pour a small amount of glue into a disposable cup. Mix in a small amount of water to thin the glue.

3. Inflate small 5″ diameter white balloons. Pinch a clothespin onto the balloon knot to use as a handle while coating balloon.

4. Paint the thinned glue over the balloon.

5. Apply a couple of tissue paper strips and then smooth with glue and paintbrush. Cover entire balloon with tissue.

6. Hang to dry.

7. Punch one large colored tissue paper circle and one small black tissue paper circle per eyeball.

8. Brush glue mixture onto end of balloon and apply large colored tissue circle. Smooth with glue and brush. Apply small black circle to center of large colored circle. Smooth with glue and brush.

9. Hang to dry.

10. Pop balloon and remove. Fill eyeball with treats.

11. Punch large white tissue paper. Brush glue mixture around opening and cover with large white tissue circle. Allow to dry.

Helpful Tips:

  • We used Mod Podge for this project but standard white craft glue will work as well.
  • You may also find that the eyeball sticks to the balloon when it’s popped. Not to worry! Simply smooth the sides from the inside using the back of a spoon.