Juice Box Robots

How to Make Juice Box Robots
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Glue dots*
Googly eyes
Juice boxes
Snack size boxed raisins
Snack size applesauce or gelatin
Candy for arms
Plastic spoons

*Online source for glue dots:http://www.joann.com/search/_glue_dots/

1. Select two snack size boxes of raisins to serve as the robot’s feet. Lay them flat, side-by-side, and apply a glue dot to each. Set a juice box on top of the glue dots.

2. Apply candy to the top sides of the juice box with glue dots for the robot’s arms.

3. Turn a snack size applesauce container upside-down and apply googly eyes to the side with glue dots for the robot’s head.

4. Apply glue dots to the top of the juice box and position the head on top.

5. Place a glue dot on the back of a plastic spoon handle and press onto the front of the robot’s body.

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