Stamp Embossed Journals

How to Make Stamp Embossed Journals
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Ready-made stamps
Ink pads
Blank journals
Embossing powder (opaque white, clear and gold)
Heat Tool

1) Ink rubber stamp and press onto journal cover. Mask off areas you don’t want stamped with scrap paper. While ink is still wet quickly apply embossing powder. Tap off excess powder and funnel back into embossing powder container.

2) Turn on heat tool and position two to three images above a stationary spot on the stamped image. When the embossing powder begins to visibly melt and change color, slowly move the heat tool across the entire image until the powder is uniformly melted.

3) Color in details and create text with markers.

Helpful Tips:

  • It’s important to use a ink that does not dry quickly — we used Color Box brand pigment stamp pads and the clear VersaMark Watermark Inkpad.
  • To funnel the excess embossing powder back into its container we used the No Spill Tray Mate and a small brush, but you could also use a piece of copy paper.
  • The ink pads, heat tool, embossing powders and embossing powder tray can be found at
  • The blank journals we used were made by Moleskine and Scout Books.
  • And no, unfortunately your hair dryer will not work for embossing – it simply doesn’t get hot enough!